Hispano-American Queen Canada 2022


Enjoy the entertaining evening, full of beauty, art and music.
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YULY PIRONA recently elected REINA HISPANOAMERICANA CANADA 2022 will be CROWNED this October 14th 2022.

Yuly is a Venezuelan Canadian tittle holder. A passionate Journalist from Montreal Quebec.

She has been part of many audiovisual projects as a singer, model, actor, also hosting for tv and various events.

In 2017 Yuly participated at Miss Teen Quebec, also in 2018 at Miss Teen Canada, ended up as a 5th Runner up, and crowned in 2019 as Miss Teen Latina Quebec.

She is a Cosmetologist and CEO of WOW Body Inc, becoming part of the beauty and health industry entrepreneur. Contemporary dance was also part of her creative background, which it has been a key to develop discipline and authenticity.

She is currently a radio host with BeOne Radio, being nominated in 202 as the best Radio Segment by the 6tth Edition of Latin Awards Canada. Yuly is working to conquer new horizons in the social work and the beauty field.

She has been an active volunteer to many community organizations and one of her favourite things in her life is to project positivity and proactively impacting others.

The coronation gala will take place at XINFLIX AUDITORIUM located at 421 Bentley Street Markham, Ontario at 7:00PM Eastern Time. GET YOUR TICKETS HERE.

The event promise to portrait the Hispanic heritage with the presence of recognized personalities, music, professional dancers, instrumental performances, fashion, VIP lounge, red carpet environment, pictures, and the guests will attend looking their best with a protocol of black tie and gown, guest could also choose to wear eclectic styles to showcase their creativity and personal style.

The event will bring together a community of entrepreneurs and potential delegates for the year 2023. Undercover judges will attend to secretly choose the first group of competitors for the next year.

Don’t miss this amazing evening!

Live music, dance show and much more

The evening will be an event of elegance and entertainment. The night will feature the animation of two illustrious characters from the Latino community in Canada. On the one hand, as masters of ceremonies we will have the former Miss Venezuela 2016, Keysi Sayago , who was a semifinalist in Miss Universe 2017; and next to her will be Ache Hernández , a renowned Cuban actor who has participated in important series such as Star Trek.

For its part, the artistic quota will have important representatives during the evening. The Abanico Dance Group dance company will be in charge of displaying a beautiful choreography to delight those present.

While the Russian violinist Viera Zmiyiwsky  and the band of the Venezuelan musician Randolf Jiménez will provide the musical note to the event.

REINAS CANADA ORGANIZATION is the franchise holder for REINA HISPANOAMERICANA CANADA we are a community with the vision of empowering and developing role models of beauty, leadership, wellness, and mindfulness for young women. We believe that supporting and helping women to developing their talents is the key to success. Our Organization is supporting many charities and positive movements around the country.

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