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She Should Run – GIFFT Toronto

Mon, October 3, 2022 (9:30 pm - 11:00 pm)America/Toronto
Papermills Theatre
Todmorden Mills Heritage Site, Pottery Road, Toronto, ON, Canada


Itoc Media, Agape Greek RadioHellenic Heritage Foundation & GTA Strategies

Present in Toronto the GIFFT of Canada

Monday, Oct. 3rd 2022


Two centuries apart, two young and dynamic women face the social adversities of their times.Drawing strength from their common family tree, they try to free themselves from their shackles, in this quest the only ally is the hero they hide inside them. The ephemeral becomes eternal through the feat of individual transcendence against the backdrop of Mykonos, then and now. Two women unknown to each other will manage to become a heroine of today. Key Casts: Konstantina Argyropoulou

She Should Run – Cyprus

Cyprus is the last divided country in Europe. The film explores in depth the recent history of Cyprus, the Turkish invasion (1974), human rights, gender equality through the witnesses of nine women involved in politics in Cyprus. Exclusive interviews by the First Lady and the President of Cyprus Republic. More women in elected office means a successful government and a better world. Let’s do it! Synopsis: Cyprus is the last divided country in Europe. The mission of this documentary is to expand the talent pool of Women running for office in Cyprus and inspire more women to take action to serve in the community, Peace!  A nationwide community of Women leaders is interviewed in Cyprus. Many are already community change-makers, leaders in their fields or workplaces and interested in running for local offices. Cypriot women politicians share their experience and common dream for a better world. Those women inspire all of us to realize that Men and Women working together can have a better future. SHE SHOULD RUN-CYPRUS is the first documentary of the series ‘She Should Run World’.

Ratings: Sexual Content, Violence
Key Casts: First Lady Of The Republic Of Cyprus, Iosifina Antoniou, Skevi Koutra Koukouma, Antonella Mantovani, Benito Mantovani, Dr. Eleni Theocharous, Dr. Erato Kozakou Marcoullis, Antigoni Papadopoulou, Anna Theologou, Natasa Pilidou

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She Should Run - GIFFT 2022


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Sunday, October 2, 2022

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