“Passion For All Things Cultural”

Empiria is a Greek word, meaning experience through process and sensation.

Our Story

Empiria World Inc is a multicultural team of people all around the globe who believe in local businesses and support diversity and inclusion. We are all Cultural Ambassadors, and we won’t rest till every single local business gets the promotion it deserves.
We are determined to achieve success and we love what we do.
We align ourselves with new challenges and we do what needs to be done efficiently
We are team players and respect different opinions and mindsets. 
We honour all communities – we are people-centric, enthusiastic, and working collaboratively to support Empiria World Vision for cultural inclusion.
We always push ourselves to improve, be open and learn new things.
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Our Values

Our Vision

Let's celebrate all cultures

To urge every citizen of the world to experience and become an ambassador of local cultures globally.

Our Mission

In Empiria we want to open up all cultures, make them accessible to everyone globally, and be able to experience traditional products and services and cultural events at their local communities, through the biggest online cultural platform in the world.

Our Values

    • We support and promote local businesses to promote their products and services to their local communities
    • Every culture matters and has infinite values to share with the world. 
    • We honour all the great civilizations which laid their foundation on cultural curiosity, inspired by travels and interactions with other civilizations. All collected pieces together evolved and created a new reality, new knowledge through experience, new philosophical ideology, an improved cultural identity, eventually shared with the whole world.
    • Our inspiration in Empiria World, is to create multiple online platforms to share the philosophy of every culture to the world, for people to pick any positive aspects and build an improved, diverse system of values in the society. 
    • People can feel anywhere like their home bringing their culture to their local convenience.
    • Our platforms tell stories about cultural inclusion without boundaries.
    It’s a fact that ethnic communities have limited interactions with other cultures. Many recent studies have shown that multicultural countries embrace diversity, but they are still struggling with inclusion. 

Empiria Team

"Our greatest ambition is for all people to embrace Empiria’s vision, embrace multiculturalism & inclusion and empower local communities, starting with Empiria Greece"

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Empiria Family

“Experience the world locally”

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